The Conversations I LIVE For

Posted: April 19, 2010 in College, Friendship, Life

Today I had two amazing conversations. One with my mom for over 2 hours. Love my mom to death. She is such an amazing, loving woman. And one with an undisclosed resident. Out of respect of privacy I will not air details, but I want to explain why it was so meaningful.

There are people out there that are full-on ‘people pleasers’. You probably know a few of these people. These people give and give and give and give. They are always catering to the needs of others. They are always trying to be understanding. They are always trying to be the strong one in the midst of heartache and chaos (usually because no one else can or will). And well, I admire that. But unfortunately, these people-pleasers often times let others take advantage of their generous heart. And they hit a wall when they realize they don’t have anybody around to talk to when they have problems; problems they’ve hidden and let well up. The undisclosed resident was clearly this type of person.

I find this intriguing, because I also see myself as that kind of person. It was heart-breaking to see someone else hurt like that. But fortunately, I’ve already learned my lessons from people-pleasing, and moved on. So I got to encourage the undisclosed resident that it is okay to be vulnerable; that it is downright courageous. I don’t know why this conversation was so profoundly meaningful to me. After all, I had never met this undisclosed resident before. And, I wouldn’t have met her was I not the RA on duty. But, I got reminded how much passion I have for listening to and encouraging people…helping them with their deepest struggles. Usually there isn’t anything I can say that “makes things better”. It’s just a matter of letting people talk things out, then maybe shedding a fresh perspective if they ask. But I thoroughly enjoy seeing people for who they are, at their most vulnerable. I think that is were true meaningful connections are made. I think that is when lives can be changed. I think that is when we all truly feel loved- when someone can listen to all our crud, insecurities, and fears and still think no less of us.


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