Digging into the Archives 3: “Skeptic”

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Skeptic” (originally written March 4, 2009)

Faith. What exactly is it? What does it mean? Is it believing in something you can’t see? What if what you believe is there actually isn’t? What if what you think is there is actually something quite different?
Trusting God, for me, has always been hard. Why? I think it’s like trusting the wind (credit to Rollacosta and Bliss for this idea). I never know what the wind is going to do next. I can’t physically see it. I only feel and see the effects of it. Sometimes the wind is merciful by bringing a cool breeze…

…Other times it can come in more powerful forms like hurricanes or tornadoes.

Should I decline to trust God merely because I can’t control him or keep him in a box?
My gut reaction says “no way jose”. However, I realize that my perception of God is too often skewed by a belief that he is some sort of genie. Most likely the reason I’ve never given him full control is because I fear of the unknown. I wonder how many are like me in this reasoning (like it would it would make it any more “okay” if a great number of people similarly faltered..lol).
How do I go about trusting God- an ever-present, unfathomable, earthly-invisible, uncontrollable being? Maybe faith is understanding that God does what he does, and does it ultimately for his (well deserved) glory. Side note: At first glance that seems like a fatty pill to swallow. Maybe faith is being able to recognize the ripple effects God creates and realizing that they are in fact from God. As a logical thinker, I struggle to just accept, without deductive evidence, that these ripple effects are from God. Lack of faith? prolly…
However, my logical deductive knowledge at it’s peek of existence is still like a grain of sand compared to God’s million-mile-long beach of ever-present knowledge. Mind boggling, eh? Thus, I’ll use the wise words of my friend Roger (sorry if i don’t have this exactly verbatim)- “We try to know like God instead of just trying to know God.” Maybe, we humans have (for the majority) completely missed the point of our existence. Our constant, pathetic, unattainable goal to have knowledge like God continually dumbfounds me. If this is true, then we should be spending more time trying to know God in a more personal way.
Whew!…what a tangent. If you are still following along, you have a lot of patience and stamina. I will make one final point. This unboxible, unfathomable, perfect God STILL seeks a relationship with each and every one of us. When will we wake up, and have that little amount of faith (i.e. “faith of a mustard seed”) to reach out and grab his stretched out hand and just follow him?


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