Digging into the Archives 5: “Eye Boogers”

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

“Eye Boogers” (originally posted December 21, 2009)

1 John talks a lot about ‘the light’ and what it looks like to ‘walk in it.’ Maybe early transformation stages can be explained by using an example. When you walk around in the dark your eyes adjust and adapt to the things lurking and moving around you. As humans our eyes aren’t designed to be night vision goggles. We naturally (and were designed to) see better in the light. However some of us are stubborn and foolish enough to think we are better off in the night, away from being exposed by the clarity of daylight- meaning we can get away with more. Like 1 John says, when those in ‘darkness’ are exposed by ‘the light’ they scatter and scurry back to their dark places. For someone (like I) who wants to stop living in darkness and walk in the light with the Father (his original design), their eyes must readjust. For example, you are sleeping and the lights are off, then you wake up to turn the lights on. For me, the presence of morning light after a long night’s sleep in the dark is a little rough. At the flip of the switch, I almost involuntarily squint and rub my eyes in an attempt to adjust my eyes to the light. I’ll have this ‘awwhh’ reaction in my head. I usually even stumble or feel heavy-headed when I try to walk. This waking up experience and reintroduction to light is kind of like a transformation experience with God (a.k.a. a “wake-up call”). As God switches the light on in our lives there are going to be ‘awwhh’ moments. Adapting and adjusting ain’t easy. Sometimes your spiritual vision is really blurry, causing you to stumble a lot. But if you allow it, and avoid falling back asleep (and turning the lights back off), your eyes will adjust.


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