Wanted! :: One (accountability) Friend.

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Friendship, Jesus, Life, Musician, Perspective

So I just got back from Tennessee. I went there to see my family, and meet their new church- New Prospect Baptist Church in Lawrenceburg, TN. Awesome people. I had a blast getting to know them. I also came back with a bit of a southern twang, that will take me about a week to get rid of. Here are some things I learned, saw, and experienced this week…

1. God still loves me.

2. I saw some awesome examples of how I can be a Saintly man…and how to be a good father. Now, I have no intentions of knockin’ up any girl any time soon (much less getting married); but it was valuable to observe.

3. I am now physically stronger than my dad. He doesn’t seem to thrilled about accepting that fact.

4. I like to play little pranks on people….especially my dad. All in good fun of course.(ex: I egged him on the head, and dunked him in the pool a few times)

5. I saw my old Florida buddy, Caleb Gindl. He is playing AA Baseball in Huntsville, AL right now. Look out for him, because he may get traded to the Royals soon. And if he does, he’ll likely be playing in the Majors by the Fall.

6. It is a LOOOOOONG drive from Huntsville, AL to Emporia, KS. 13 hours to be exact….plus how many ever times we stopped for food, gas, or sleep.

7. It’s time to let go of my past and move forward. Starting now.

8. I love playing music, but I’m not sure if I’m cut out to be a live performing artist. I may just stick to praise music and private writings on the side. Which means the EP Bridge of New that was scheduled for release this Fall may be pushed back again indefinitely.

9. I’ve discovered that I’ve got a lot of scatterbrained dreams and ambitions, with no real plans to carry them out. So, if I try to follow my own plans and dreams, I’ll likely fall on my face. I also discovered that God has a daily-plan for my life, and I need to ask him DAILY to fill me with his Spirit. Therefore, I don’t need to worrying about where I’ll be a year from now, because He’s got it under control.

10. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing post-graduation….grad school in ResLife, foreign missions, music, domestic missions, or something not on this list. I sure hope God reveals it to me. And I sure hope I’m listening.

11. If I’m truly honest with myself I’ll have to admit that I’m not that reliable and I’m not very disciplined. I know I’ve frustrated, aggravated, and offended the heart of God countless time. All the while, I have acted as if I got it all together….which is a load of bull. All the while God still loves me. And he WANTS to get through to me….Me a stubborn foolish preacher’s kid with bad grammar and a wayfaring heart. I can’t quite figure Him out. But the thought of a holy, uncontested, merciful God is intoxicating. And I want to get to know him. I need change. A change only possible through surrender.

12. If I want to truly surrender to God (i.e. Make him the “President of my life”), then I need help. I can’t do it on my own yet. I need a friend that will hold me accountable, and I the same to him (no girls). I need to be in a community of believers that is encouraging and passionate about living the gospel. I wouldn’t mind moving to Tennessee to be honest.

13. Oh, and I may be going to Africa next summer. (!!!!!!!!!)


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