Future Travel Plans (!!)

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Travel
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Things are still in the early stages of planning, but (God willing) I think I’m going to be going out of the country twice in the next year. Which is HUGE considering I’ve never been out of the country. My dad’s new church in Tennessee does a lot of foreign missions. A LOT. They go to El Salvador and Africa and Japan 3 or 4 times a year each. And I’ve already talked with them about going to Africa (Zimbabwe, Uganda, and/or Kenya) next summer. But Brad, the pastor, also thinks I should go to El Salvador from December 27th- January 2nd. And I want to. I mean, well…it’s going to be quite a culture shock. And, in no way am I prepared….but I wanna go. I’ve been urking to visit foreign lands for years now. Please pray that God provides the funds. If this is of Him, it’ll happen. I have no doubt. And if you are gracious and kind enough to donate to the cause my email is jordanthreadgill@yahoo.com. I would be greatly appreciative of your generosity.

Check out my new Facebook group relating to this…. Help Jordan Go to El Salvador & Africa



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