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I just wanna take a small space to exclaim that this whirlwind of a semester is finally over! It’s been quite the ride. I just wanna say, I am thoroughly glad that this semester is over (at least from an academic standpoint). I am in need of some much-needed rest, rejuvenation, and rehabilitation in my mind, body, and spirit.

Goals for the summer:

  1. Do a good job working with Emporia State University Housing. Work hard and cherish the experience.
  2. Get a weekend job in Emporia, KS. I need to bring in the cash.
  3. P90X!!!!!- ♫”Let’s get physical, physical..”♫
  4. Eat more healthy: no soda, no late-night munchies, lots of water, eat breakfast every morning
  5. Read the Gospels. Read Proverbs
  6. Read “The Confessions of St. Augustine”
  7. pre-read textbook for my History of Ancient Philosophy class.
  8. Develop a consistent sleep cycle.
  9. Meet lots of new wonderful people in Emporia, KS.
  10. Figure out if this Student Affairs thing is for me. Should I apply for Grad School and become a Residence Hall Director?

BONUS: Find a campus recording studio. RECORD MY BUTT OFF!

I wanna come back in the fall with sexy abs, a farmer’s tan, and a fresh smile on my face. (okay maybe the first one is a little unrealistic, but one can dream). Here’s to finishing 3 years of college, and moving toward my 4th! –> and all God’s people say, “Cheers!”