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One thing I’ve been working on since the Blackbird Incident is regaining confidence. When you get screwed over like that, it jacks with your head. Of course I did my sulking and my questioning, but through that I got sick of thinking about myself all the time. Has that ever happened to you?…feeling like your being dumb and selfish for thinking about yourself all the time. You kind of put up a wall to everyone, put on a fake smile, but often daze off about how you are going to find the ‘answers’ to your struggles.

You wanna know what has helped me regain my Jordan-ness? Investing in other people. A good friend of mine once told me,

“Stop trying to fix the leaking faucets in your house, and go help your neighbor build their house.”

I’ve found that: when I stop worrying about my own ‘stuff’ all the time; and I start caring about other people and their ‘stuff’; my life becomes more meaningful. Now, in no way am I a counselor, a healer, or a problem fixer. But miraculously just being there, listening, and giving continual encouragement makes a tremendous impact on people’s lives. Even though many of them are dealing a lot of pain and/or confusion (none of which I have any business trying to solve), it’s oddly comforting to literally know I am not the only one that struggles. It is therapeutic and meaningful to be aware of the external world (your environment, your friend’s lives, etc.), because it calls for the ‘self’ to be less concerned about itself and more concerned with the well-being of others. I didn’t have to go to a third-world country to do so (although one day I would like to). I just had to look in my own residence hall; and in my own town. And (as an added bonus) because I’ve been trying to invest in others, people warm up to me…they like me. And as shallow and hopeless as it sounds, being accepted/liked is a big part of building confidence. It’s quite freeing to know that the world isn’t revolved around ME (sorry Descartes). That in the grand scheme of things, my life conflicts are pretty miniscule compared to the the struggles of this world (much less my own residence hall). It’s freeing to literally trust the God of the Universe to guide me out of a life of selfishness, and into a life of compassion and humility.

Interesting Side Note: I took a personality quiz out of boredom and was told I am an ENFP (aka ‘The Inspirer’)