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Monday morning I was up really early…5am early. And I was feeling pretty awake. Not sure what got into me, but I guess my body decided I had gotten enough sleep throughout the weekend. So I was not in the least bit “having a case of the mundays”. Around 7:30am I headed over to get some breakfast and coffee from the Hornet Express on campus, then I headed over to the ResLife office to check and see if I had gotten any mail lately. While there I said hello to Cass, the ResLife Director. He’s a pretty cool guy. We casually talked about how the summer was flying be so fast, and how I only had a week and half left in Emporia. I then joked that I hadn’t really been keeping up with my P90X like I had planned to this summer. Big Surprise. As I was about to depart from the office I said, “I guess maybe I’ll go work out or something,” thinking out loud of something to do during my empty morning. And what Cass said in return took me way off guard. He kind of switched from casual buddy mode to teacher/sensai mode. He said (and I can’t remember the exact quote), “Now when you say that, use more direct and firm language. Don’t make casual plans that you know you don’t really mean. Say what you mean. And do what you say. Now, what are you gonna do again?” Jokingly and afraid to make any commitments I didn’t want to be held to so I remarked with a snarky sip of my coffee, “I’m gonna enjoy my coffee.” And with that he smiled and said, “Enjoy your morning, Jordan.”

WOW! Slap in the face. But a much needed one. I’ll be the first one to admit that I make a lot of personal plans that I don’t live up to (it’s embedded in my e/INFP personality). I either wimp out or get too lazy to actually complete my goals.  If it needs to get done, I’ll usually get around to doing it. But I’m rarely proactive or use my time productively. (((Food for Thought: How often have I done this to God? How often has my laziness got in the way of carrying out God’s plans?))) Cass’s comment also taught me to be more firm and direct in the things I say; not passive and wishy-washy. By being more direct in my decision-making and acting on what I say, I become a person of integrity and a person worthy of respect- two things I have not been in a while.

Needless to say, I’ve had a pretty productive week so far. 🙂