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I am not a crier. And I definitely don’t like to cry in public. It’s kind of embarrassing to me. If I do feel the urge (which is rare), I hold it in. I’m not some big macho hard-hearted man who is completely against crying. I just don’t do it. My tear ducts must be dehydrated. I have maybe cried 4-5 times since my senior year in high school; and one of those was after my Grandma Lynn’s funeral. The other times were in private. However, the one thing that seems to jerk the tears right out of my face is the Holy Spirit. Just something about the power of God speaking to the depths of my soul makes me at peace to the point of tears, and utterly humbled.

A few weeks ago at Wayfare (church) we decided to participate in Communion (aka ‘The Lord’s Supper’, ‘The Eucharist’). I appreciate the way we do Communion at Wayfare. We use red wine and unleavened pita bread. I especially appreciate this attempt at physical authenticity after being raised on a shot glass of grape juice and a stale fingernail-sized cracker. But apart from the mediums we use to practice this ancient ritual, I’d like to talk about something else we did; something simple but meaningful. Wayfare has a tendency to be very discussional, and our Communions are no different. Roger asked us to share our experiences of past communions; how they were meaningful or not meaningful; and what attitude we’d like to take in the current communion. After the initial awkward silence, a few college girls opened up. As they were talking, I got flashes and images in my head of Jesus’ road to the cross. They weren’t pretty. I was then reminded of the sinner that I am, and the depths of grace it took to save me. I became pretty overwhelmed and grateful. That is when the tears started to whelp up (and like always I attempted to hold them in). I felt kind of stupid too, because I seemed to be the only one reacting in this manner. I then tried to say something about how grateful I was for God’s grace, but I fumbled my words like chopped up play-doe.

So ya…here’s to the ridiculous extremities Jesus went through on the cross and continually now in the pursuit of our hearts. Here’s to celebrating the unexplainable hope he gives in this broken, discombobulated world. Here’s to the new life he gives through his grace, which was exemplified by giving up his physical bread and wine. I can’t thank Jesus enough for his unconditional love. So these Communion experiences are a set aside time were I am summoned to remember and be thankful for his epitomized love.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)