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Being Yourself

Don’t compromise your values in the name of intimacy. Don’t compromise who you are in the name of love.

Don’t waste your time trying to impress people. It may work at first, but eventually they will catch on to your facade. Live humbly, with a quiet confidence.

Own up to your mistakes. A contrite heart is humble and honest.

Don’t expect to gain anything without working for it.


Center your life around love. Loving people for who they are.

Fill your day with smiles and laughter.


(this is one I need to work on) Don’t give advice, unless someone asks for it. If you’re not careful, people might start thinking you have ‘all the answers’. Only God is capable of that kind of infinite knowledge.

In the end we are all fools, jumping from experience to experience, trying to figure out life as we go along. Those who keep the big picture in mind will persevere. Remember who is in control.

Sometimes our dreams can be unrealistic. Figure out if it is worth it to chase after them.

Blessed are those who trust God to provide direction, in the midst of confusion.

Do your homework. Don’t procrastinate. Seriously! Your workload will lighten tenfold.

Life is full of choices. Choose wisely.

Live today to the fullest. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. (ok so I basically paraphrased Jesus on this one)

Life isn’t about figuring out all the answers. Don’t waste your time worrying. Focus more on the questions.


Most communication is non-verbal. If you pick up on these non-verbal gestures and cues you will be able to read people more accurately.

If you carefully and patiently listen to someone, you learn how to effectively communicate with them.

The perfect message to convey can be ruined by the demeanor in which you present it.

Don’t say or do anything TO someone today that you will regret tomorrow.

The words you speak reveal a glimpse of your heart. Choose your words wisely.

Thoughts on Dating

If it ain’t there, it ain’t there. Don’t force it. The body language of your person of interest says everything.

Confidence is essential. One’s body language says a great deal about their confidence level. Keep that in mind.

Guard your heart. But don’t be afraid to let someone ‘know’ you.

You will likely experience many heartbreaks before you find the person that will piece it back together.

With every heartbreak, grow stronger and wiser.

Physical intimacy can complicate an early budding relationship. Be careful how and when you choose to do so….even kissing.

College Parties

If you are gonna party, do it with people you know and love. Partying with strangers is usually awkward and lame.

Don’t drink alcohol to be ‘cool’ or to ‘fit in’. Those things are foolish endeavors to chase.

If you can handle drinking in moderation, enjoy it. Enjoy the company and friendship. The camaraderies are what are most important. Getting ‘wasted’ won’t solve anything.

Don’t be afraid to cut loose. But that doesn’t mean to have a ton of drinks. Make sure you can still spell your name backwards.

Never come with expectations to score points with a (certain) girl. That usually fails. Just have fun, and don’t have any expectations.

Stay true to yourself. No need to put on a front- trying to be ‘cool’- just because you are at a party.

The best parties are dance parties.

(( Disclaimer: I’m still a fool. ))