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Sometimes I get in these odd, out-of-body, super-perceptive trains of thought. Usually they are late at night, while I’m alone, after I’ve watched some horror film or read something that makes me think. Tonight the culprits are Red Bull and the movies, The Men Who Stare at Goats and Shutter Island (AWESOME movie). The term, “God works in mysterious ways” takes on a whole new meaning tonight. And yes, I’m aware that this is a strangely odd combo of ‘psychiatric’ films….don’t judge.

While getting uber-creeped out and feeling super aware of my surroundings in the dark night of campus and downtown Emporia, jogging the movies back to Family Video at 12:15 am, I had a small revelation. About connections. This sparked it- George Clooney’s character Lyn Cassady in The Men Who Stare at Goats said this:

“Bob, have you ever heard of optimum trajectory? Your life is like a river and if you are aiming for a goal that is not your destiny, you will always be swimming against the current. Young guy who wants to be a stock car driver — it’s not going to happen. Little Anne Frank wants to be a high school teacher — tough titty Anne, it’s not your destiny. But you will go on to move the hearts and minds of millions. Find out what your destiny is and the river will carry you.”

Maybe that “river” is God. God the very creator of my being, of everything, has a plan and a destiny for each of us. Many of us fight it, because we get confused along the way and don’t want to trust him. We wanna trust our own knowledge. We can only trust what is in front of our eyes. But when will we open our eyes and let go? Heck, when will I do this?… When will we/I stop worrying about tomorrow, and instead live today to the full? Do I look like I know the answers to the universe. I hope not….but God does. Why can’t we/I just trust Him? A Bob Dylan lyric from “Blowin’ in the Wind” comes to mind- “How many times can a man turn his head, and pretend that he just doesn’t see”.

Okay now to the connections thing I was getting at, pertaining to that previous movie quote. Growing up Southern Baptist I always heard a lot of talk about metaphorical doors opening and closing in life. I’m not sure why Baptists chose doors. I guess it makes some sense. I just don’t like it when un-metaphysical doors are slammed in my face. Anywho, basically this concept boils down to taking the events (small and big) in our life and rolling with them, because they push us toward our next destination, our next step in life.

Recent example… I tried to invite several of the Summer Staffers over tonight to watch Shutter Island. I didn’t really get a straight answer from anyone on whether or not they were coming. I just figured they were (A) busy, (B) not wanting to see a horror movie, or (C) tired. I wasn’t too offended. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to invite people over to watch a movie or hang out, and nobody really wanted to come. Kinda sad I guess. But because no one gave me a straight answer, I decided to give up on inviting people over tonight. And because no one came over, I watched movies anyways by myself. And because I watched them by myself without distractions, I got really into it….I entered into deep thought. Plus, I went on a midnight jog around campus alone, racing in thought. Something I would have never done had their been people around. And had I not been deep in thought, I probably would not have been in a position to notice what God was leading me to. See how “one closed door” can lead to another “open door”. I’m not sure if this is the best example, but it is relevant to tonight.

Well, here was the “ahah!” moment I had while walking back on the dark Emporia State Campus after returning my movies. Here it is. God has a lot more control over our lives than we give him credit for. Sure, people make decisions and choices that affect others’ decisions and actions. But how is it all so intricately connected? How come some things work out and others not? Why, in my life, have certain events or the lack of certain events triggered small breakthroughs between God and myself? It’s as if His will takes precedent in my life, guiding me into exact situations (without me knowing it), so that he can reveal a snip-it of himself to me. Tonight was one of those snip-its. Naysayers will call God a control-freak on this one, but that is out of rebellion. God (the Creator of all things, the Holder of the universe, the Author and Perfecter) has the audacity to love US, the mere imperfect specs in the universe, and be a part of our lives. And what kind of an ignorant fool would deny a God so loving. A God that wants to reveal himself to us sinful, small humans. God cares about each step we take, and wants to show us why he created us. Tonight I fully realized that God really DOES have everything under control. He holds EVERYTHING in is hands. Even when I think I’m just on my own. Even when I don’t notice Him walking right beside me. He’s not just the creator of the universe up in the sky, big and mighty, distant and uncaring of all our little idiosyncrasies. He cares about every detail. And he cares about each and every one of us. Every one.

It’s like a young boy who is sitting in their dad’s lap in the driving seat with his hands on the wheel. It’s quite obvious that the father is controlling the pedals, and has one hand on the wheel underneath (just in case). But the kid doesn’t notice it. All the while he exclaims, “Daddy look at me! I’m driving.” The Father just smirks and says, “Take it easy sport… steady. Keep your eyes on the road.”

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
    Proverbs 3:5-6 (NLT)